Pili is a village very close to major urban centers such as Athens and Chalkida (capital of Evia). Someone would say that it is easily accessible even for a day’s trip. It belongs to the North-central part of the island, which is characterized by its woody green mountains and beautiful beaches! Traveling from central Evia to the north, it’s the first coastal village and one of the most beautiful! Pili has a rich natural beauty and undiscovered history, which through this website we will try to present to you.
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Pili is the entrance, the gate for this earthly paradise!

χωριο Πηλι

Pili belongs to:

* In the Community of Pili based in Pili

* In the Municipality of Mantoudi- Limnis- Ag. Annas based in Limni

* In the Regional Unit of Evia based in Chalkida

* In the Region of Central Greece based in Lamia


Pili is located in north-central Evia, east of the Aegean side. It is about fifty-six km from Chalkida, is an hour’s drive, and nine km from Prokopi.

Just before the entrance of Prokopi, turn right following the signs. A beautiful route follows through a forest with pines, arbutus, firs, and plane trees. Pili emerges low, nestled in a green small valley at the northwestern foot of Mount Pyxaria and the edge of a small bay. To the east is the peak of Prionas with an altitude of 1003 meters of Mount Pyxaria, and to the west Cape Dagri (361 m.). The Pili’s central beach is beautiful, with fine pebbles and dark sand within a distance of 1.5 km from the village entrance. In Pili, there are other beaches both east (Karvouna location) and north (Atalantos bay).
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Atalantos is located at a distance of 5 km away from Pili, and you can reach it by crossing a passable dirt road ending at a large beach. There are no shops, only Saint Nikolao’s chapel.
You can find some old white stone and limestone facilities with their warehouses; the rails, the wagons, the kilns, and the tall red brick chimney are also part of the view.

Pili's beaches

Central Beach
Atalantos bay
παραλία κάρβουνα Πήλι
The Karbouna
Behind the pier

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