In Pili, there is a wide variety of recipes and flavors that tie in with the character of the place and the activities of people. Each season provides nature the opportunity to offer us pure raw materials, which with the gentle intervention of people, the result will amaze you.

The purity of nature in sea and mountain is the first reason for the region to have the reputation of being unique in quality and taste. All local, fish and seafood, meats, cereals, vegetables, phyllo (a local kind of noodles) and trachanas, traditional cheese pie, wild game, mushrooms, mountain tea, oregano, various wild herbs, honey, tsipouro, resinated wine with local resin are of the most basic goods that locals and visitors enjoy with their own contribution and passion in production, for many decades!

All this at the table of the houses, in the local restaurants, in the festivals, and the events!